Industrial and Luxe Bohemian Furniture and Interiors

Urban Industrial Furniture

Industrial interior design styling is characterized by concrete floors, brick walls, exposed wooden roof beams and pipes, unfinished paint, rustic wood and ground finishes. Combine this with some farmhouse style furniture and urban polished surfaces and you will see the latest style.

Some industrial elements, however, are annoyed by the pleasant finish, such as gray-sand aromatics and white-clad cupboards adorned with polished natural brass. Create a careful balance of industrial style and refined elements with rustic furnishings and aesthetic appeal of colors that detract from the country style.

An annoying indigenous natural wood vintage industrial home iron door book, an old door aimed at a coffee table and a state-of-the-art serious-looking cooking range bring industrial style to this home in Miami.

The house in Northern California enjoys soft green walls, crisp and clear white trams and rafters and natural wood floors. Influenced by vintage screens and commercial kitchens, stainless appliances describe the edge. The bronze medals and arched doors soften an adorned look in a pale white.

This English home has an amazing mix of traditional, industrial and modern styles. Excellent antique door headboards, retrieved wooden console tables, exquisite light fixtures and soft upholstered sofa boards give the designer style.

The side-door console of the old door and the multi-patina clean lines of wood, soft lighting and rusty iron glitter mark this New York dining area. The straightforward and compact solid sago wood, which is naturally quite natural and disturbing, commands a unique presence, yet the ivory finish of the walls is complete. Simple iron chairs, industrial combustible combination with rustic farmhouse. A bowl of fruit made from old bread trays used by tribal farmers is conscious.

Mirror glass in heavy arches, a design concept that enhances the space, softened by beautiful mid-century architectural patterns, some carved with horses and some torn sofas, patterned carpets and sheer saree fabric In contrast to the soft spread design. With a half-cartoon bench, this sun room in downtown Atlanta brings a taste of country home with a polished urban love of modern aesthetics.

The Barn’s Door and the 18C Columns Reconstructed Architectural – a form of salvation, a veil made from the remains of the arches, an old saree, a layered bed and a veneer made of natural light reality Provides. Concise Ocher coffee table design and complete black light fixture design with matching patina vintage cabinet placed in the living room completes.

Luxe Bohemian Interiors and Furniture

Led-back luxury bohemian interiors are the perfect balance for living in the city. The beautiful Bohemian home is as unexpected and unique as its owner, aesthetically appealing to moments of history. Decorated with impeccable style and luxurious expression, the boho vibe moves from one room to another.

Designing with vintage architectural arches and antique doors makes the rooms around you, consider them artistic, and create designs that flow with historical precision. The vintage aesthetic wood texture runs throughout the home, keeping the rest of the home quite neutral, a warm color palette playing with disturbing patina consoles and bold contemporary art.

The house is bright, comfortable and welcoming, balancing black wooden doors with cool, hips. Boho Shelters Tell you the longest long long long .Your personal style should be reflected in the decoration of the feature and appeal rather than the trend. Authentic hand-carved ancient doors with extensively carved headers and metal inscriptions combine history and tradition.

Textured cabinets, soft shimmer or bold brass armor illustrate the corners and hallways. White-washed coffee tables that touched the bohemian style by making brass signs on the Cecil carpets and pillows in vintage fabrics.

We are not looking for the perfect balance, but provide a perfect choice for a walk in the furnishings. The vintage sofa table asks you to take a look at the deep relief paintings and the muted shades are still randomly scattered throughout the design pattern.

In the Boho house there is the comfort of a Buddhist sculptural wall that touches your inner soul and calms you with its energy. Surround yourself with the beauty of old world designs and reclaimed forests, the treasures of Bohemia that envelop your heart.

Exotic embellishments, perfectly remorseful, the abundance of green plants in the large brass rings accumulate in the interior of the boho and have a worldly appeal, each piece has a story and a purpose. Belted cabinets with brass horses or carved sun cabinets bring the energy to balance nature with nature.

Hang the lush patterned tapestry behind the bed like a headboard, using the vintage door mantle as a tapestry stick to allow the fabric to have its natural coating. Scans play with sunlight, creating dance patterns on white bed spreads. Create a sense of dramatic boho design with sari curtains that let in sunlight and yet boldly color.

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